As an award-winning personal trainer, Steve has clients that range from top-flight athletes and international movie stars to those recovering from serious injury.


His philosophy is to never stop learning and to pass on that
hard-earned knowledge to help others reach their fullest
physical potential – whether that is sculpting their body to perfection or learning to walk again.


Keep your muscles guessing with bespoke high-intensity workouts designed to build and tone your body.


Tried and tested programmes and nutritional plans. Get fit, have fun and, yes, watch the fat fall away...


Expert mobility training and rehabilitation programmes for any kind of injury – uniquely designed for you in consultation with
Steve's in-house physiotherapists.


Specialist training regimes developed for athletes, sports people, actors and models. If you need a push to get you to the next level, Steve can help…


No matter how good you are there is always room to be better.

One-to-one training with Steve costs £45 per hour. 

For this you get a full physical analysis and bespoke training to tackle your own individual goals – whatever they might be. 


Steve will also give you nutritional advice to help you stay on track. Plus the inspiration and self-belief to achieve more than you ever thought possible. 

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"If you're not being assessed, you're being guessed!"


Wherever you are in your fitness journey – just starting out or totally on top of your game – you should expect consistent care and assessment from your personal trainer. Without proper expert coaching and advice, it is all too easy to neglect part of your body and develop weaknesses that will inevitably lead to injury. 

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Eight months ago I fell down some steep stairs causing an excruciating and complicated cuboid fracture. The broken ankle meant break from running, which I lived and breathed. In this order I; decided to join Steve's boxing classes to keep moving, hurt my knee as I started running too soon, and, I fell in love with boxing. Steve turned out to specialise in sports injuries and, within ten weeks, I have no knee pain, my ankle bears my weight stronger than ever and my running times have steadily overtaken my previous personal best. I now need to find space for running AND boxing.

Monika Killeen




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