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  • Chek - Advanced Swiss Ball Rehabilitation

  • Chek - Scientific Core Conditioning

  • Chek - Assessing Core function

  • BSc sports science degree

  • YMCA level 2 fitness instructor diploma

  • Fitness and Health testing

  • NASM Advanced level 3 personal trainer diploma

  • Faster advanced functional performance

  • Faster diploma advance functional therapy

  • OLF kettlebell intermediate instructor

  • OLF Advanced kettlebell Instructor

  • Injury rehab and corrective exercise specialist

  • OLF performance boxing instructor

  • BBBC advanced professional boxing instructor

  • Instyle spinning instructor

  • Boxercise combat instructor award

  • Core stability diploma

  • Power plate coach

  • Advanced nutrition for weight management

  • Advanced nutrition for sporting performance

  • Speed training

  • Functional resistance for sport specific training

  • Advanced diploma in Powerlifting coaching

  • Core stability conditioning course

"I love working with people to help them be the very best version of themselves. Wheelchair-bound or movie star, it doesn't matter – my clients amaze me and make me proud every single day."

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